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Engine Jacket Heat Recovery Systems, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Pune, India, Majorly We Serve Our Products In Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

From small sized to very huge sized Genesets dissipate almost 28% of the heat generated to the cooling tower irrespective of the fuel used i.e. HFO/LDO/HSD/NG/Bio Gas. Eventhough it is low grade, we THERMIN ENERGY provide the system to generate hot water for the process use and can save the fuel required to generate the hot water. This hot water can be circulated into THERMIN make RADIATORS to generate hot air.   We can recover the heat by pre-heating of the fuel to the engine. This increases the net exportable power by about 2%, thereby earning money practically from waste. This heat can also be utilised for  Chilling Application through Vapour Absorption System.