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Waste Heat Recovery

Typically, the flue gases leaving a modern 3-pass shell boiler are at temperatures of 200 to 300 oC. Thus, there is a potential to recover heat from these gases. The flue gas exit temperature from a boiler is usually maintained at a minimum of 175 oC, so that the sulphur oxides in the flue gas do not condense and cause corrosion in heat transfer surfaces. When a clean fuel such as natural gas, LPG or gas oil is used, the economy of heat recovery must be worked out, as the flue gas temperature may be well below 200oC.

The potential for energy saving depends on the type of boiler installed and the fuel used. For a typically older model shell boiler, with a flue gas exit temperature of 260oC, an economizer could be used to reduce it to 200oC, increasing the feed water temperature by 15oC. Increase in overall thermal efficiency would be in the order of 3%. For a modern 3-pass shell boiler firing natural gas with a flue gas exit temperature of 140oC a condensing economizer would reduce the exit temperature to 65oC increasing thermal efficiency by 5%.

Depending on fuel used for firing, THERMIN ENERGY provide bare tube, finned tube, gilled tube Economisers or Water Preheaters.